Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 3 Penang

I hope you guys enjoy reading my blog so far :)

so lets continue with Day 3 :P

Started the day by visiting gramps neighbor's wedding.. just around the corner..

To be honest.. i was super lazy to snap any pictures.. but She insist.. yadadada.. i asked her to hold the camera instead.. so she did :) really.. i never like shooting wedding pictures.. some.. not all.. maybe garden wedding.. this kind of wedding ya see.. no one dresses appropriately.. kinda sad.. see that dude with pop collar with jeans and flip-flop?? 90% guys over there wore something similar.. i mean this is someones wedding.. wear something formal right? look at that sister with pink tudung.. nicely dressed with gold necklace and all lol.. 

Checkout the food.. this is called Nasi Minyak.. added with dalcha(one we normally eat with roti canai), chicken curry and acar(pickles).. apparently this nasi minyak was tasteless... seriously... i was lucky enough i took very small portion.. the whole thing is just so sad... what? dint they care about the food they serve?? this nasi minyak totally sucked big time!


Taken by She... noobie isn't she?? lol.. love u bunn..

Then we decide to head to Queensbay Mall catch some movie..

And She decided to watch some Malay movie coz granma was tagging along with us.. i was like WHAT?? aww man.. i thought we could catch District 9.. oh well.. so we watched Setem?? oh god awful movie.. freaking horrible... a total waste of money.. the movie copy 95% of Oceans 11.. or maybe 100%... to top it off.. there was this group of student sitting behind us.. OMG they could not even once shut their mouth!!! they literally talking to the screen... annoying bitches..

So movie starts at 6.30pm? we had few hours to spare.. the mall was kinda packed.. pretty hard to find a place to sit.. pass by OldTown and spotted 1 empty table.. fast fast grab!!! so.. i had this.. hazelnut white coffee?? guess so.. it was ok.. actually OldTown are overrated really... i dont get it.. what so nice hanging out at this place?? add few bucks you could get awesome coffee at starbucks.. and the place was packed! come to think about it.. all OldTown outlets are always packed.. i like Kluang Station better.. awesome teh ais!

TAAADDDAAAA!!! finally a picture of granma!!! haha!! she such a sweet lady.. i love her so much.. she would cook anything for me :P.. no joke... anything.. i love her Sambal Udang Petai.. oh god them prawns!!! awesome!!! She loves her granma very very very very much.. more then she loves me.. :(

Eh?? got showroom here?? so i went inside.. bleh~ boring stuff.. and the staff dint even bother to attend the shop.. i notice he was so busy playing game..

HUH??? WTF?? toilet bowl restaurant?? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... look at it... disgusting!!! even the plates are toilet bowl.. miniature ones of course.. but common!!! aww man... ewww..

Went outside.. since Queensbay is beachside.. i wanted to grab the sea breeze :) weather was awesome!

They talk nonstop..... since we arrived Penang... talk talk talk... they always have something to talk about...

That awful movie finished around 8.. grampa picked us up(borrow neighbor's car ehehe) and he brought us to this creepy alley behind this huge market..

Oh? got nasi kandar here.. grampa said this shop has been here for more then 40 years?? awesome.. and we had this


Right after that She wanted to bring me to Gurney Drive.. plenty of awesome hawkers there.. well actually she was looking for this legendary Apom.. not the typical apom ive seen she said... whateva..

See.. so packed.. awesome stuff they have.. but we dint hangout.. just drop by to find teh Apom!! so we search the whole area..


Aha.. cant find it.. lolol.. scratching head already.. lulz.. the stall was closed that night.. hahaha.. poor baby.. maybe tomorrow..

 Blurry Shot Of The Day

So after the disappointing search for the legendary Apom.. we head back home.. thats all for Day 3... :)