Thursday, October 8, 2009

Day 2 Penang

Ok so i woke up around 10 a.m? and it was raining.. had breakfast at home :( i wanted to have breakfast outside.. Penang have this awesome apom balik.. here in KL we call em apam balik.. theres big ones and small ones.. big ones have the same taste if i were to compare KL and Penang but the small ones OMG!!! so f***ing awesome!!! none i tell ya!! not even 1 apam balik in KL can match the ones in Penang!! the typical apam balik in kl are very very thin and crunchy.. and the fillings are so little(peanuts and corn kernel).. where else in Penang they are so soft and soggy.. oh god.. orgasm in mouth really.. lots of peanuts and corn kernel.. simply awesome.. cost around 0.50 cent a piece? make sure if you go Penang go find this apom balik! i notice only morning market and "pasar malam" has them..

ok back to story lol.. so yeah.. it was raining whole day.. since we dont have car.. had to wait till the rain stops..

Around 3 p.m the rain stops.. sigh~ i was bored to death waiting at home.. listening to my girlfriend chatting with her gramps all day... zzz.. so right after that i decide to go cut my hair.. so my gf brought me to this auntie saloon.. lol i was kinda shock! her house is the saloon.. open the front door and there you are.. saloon!! lol!! and it was just around the corner.. so.. got my hair done.. guess how much it cost??? rm5.00!!! hell yeah!! super cheap!! and pretty decent cut i must say.. actually a great cut.. compared to Snips or Russell or even Pikaboo i like this cutting better :) props to auntie.. my gf told me auntie has been around for more then 20 years.. wow.. awesome eh.. she said now she close shop early coz gotten old already.. cant handle too much crowd.. aww.. well thnx auntie!!

Waiting at teh bus station.. there she is again.. awwww... shes in Penang right now... miss her so much!! come back ASAP!!! okok..compared to last time i visit.. the buses was horrible.. you know those really old bus?? those without air-con rotten seats loud smoky fugly bus.. oh yeah.. i hate em.. but now... since Rapid came to Penang.. i find it very comforting to travel around.. plenty of buses.. most buses travel whole island.. so nice! and DONT i repeat DONT ever take the cabs.. they dont use meter.. it will cost ya rm25 to get to town compared to rm2 by bus.. so yeah.. they really cut ya throat lol.. especially at nights... Rapid Penang last bus is at 11.30 p.m... be sure plan ahead.. to take a cab from town to Batu Feringgi can cost rm50++.. dont be a fool even if you are rich!! its a plain waste of money..

Oh yeah!! this is what i rock when i was in Penang.. Airmax are super comfy.. since i knew i was going to travel here and there by foot.. i brought this to Penang.. last visit i wore flip-flops here and there... oh god... agonizing...  never again :) this is my 1st Airmax and im in love with it.. mainly coz of the level of comfyness lol.. its just awesome.. might not be as hype as other kicks but..... f**k that... comfy is hype lol

Just as i reached town... wait if you all wondering where town is and where does all these buses stop at.. theres a bus terminal right underneath Komtar Penang.. every single bus stops there including this lil bus!! super cute eh!! i love this bus so much!! hahahaha.. so cute.. but never get the change to ride it :( apparently they only go to the other side of the island? cant really remember...

Then we head to Prangin Mall which located right next to Komtar Penang.. my lovely gf brought me to this small stall at this 1 corner of the mall.. i think 3rd floor?? and we had this SUPER AWESOME POWER laksa.. its so awesome i almost nose bleed.. really.. no joke.. super powderful laksa.. the stall run by 1 whole family.. super cheap.. rm2.50?? quite small portion so make sure you order 2 atleast :P dont find those Malay made laksa.. this was made my chinese lol.. i dont know but Malay ones have too many stuff people like to call "sampah sarap"... well i dont think its nice to say that coz its food right? food is not "sampah"... lol yeah.. the "kuah" is what makes it so super.. sweet and sour and kinda heavy but no fish bones and the peppermint gave the perfect umph!! to it.. like Malay ones the soup are very thin not much taste and tons of fish bones!!

By the time we finished eating its already 7 p.m... so my gf asked me whether i want to go home or hang around.. of course i want to hangout! so we walk around town.. sightseeing.. took some shots... at 1st i thought this was a temple or something? when i peek inside its actually a restaurant! nice eh?

aww.. dint turn out quite what i wanted lol..

As i was busy camwhoring.. it started raining! heavily!! oh god.. both of us started running like crazy lol.. run!!! and there was this nice old 19th century house turned bar.. so we ran to the side door and chill.. wanted to go in grab some drink but the prices... ehehehe... best we stay outside :)


I notice this coffee hut right infront.. weird is its right outside this 1 big workshop.. i was wondering who would come here to chill coz as you can see yourself.. theres no one lol.. i mean they pick such weird place to open coffee hut... oh well whateva makes em happy :)... so we decide to chill here instead coz we had to escape some bats.. seriously.. bunch of bats tried to bang my head right outside the bar.. freaky.. soooo... i ordered some drinks..

then i notice the father mother and daughter was watching this old school drama.. lol.. so shiok eh??

Which end up with me watching it also... the drama took place around WWII i guess.. i dont really understand what its all about but i was interested by the props and the wardrobe.. they have this bunch of old school Baba Nyonya houses and all the chicks wear "Kebaya" smexy :P i mean how often you get to see Chinese chicks wear Kebaya? i have a thing for Kebaya.. i love it when my gf wears em.. so lustique lol.. and at this 1 scene they sang this Malay song.. really old song called Dondang Sayang.. i was like wow.. even Malay movie or drama dont have such thing.. maybe we arent proud of our culture? hey mix with mostly with Chinese but i have full respect for my culture.. down to Hang Tuah with his Keris :) nowadays WE always like to follow the trend.. 1 dude came out with love story 10 other dude came out with the same thing.. best thing is they use same actors! really sad.. and boring.. see.. Chinese drama singing Dondang Sayang.. awesome..

After the rain calmed we walked back to Komtar grab a bus home.. as i was walking down the newly renovated Komtar i saw this! lol GeorgeTown white coffee.. now please excuse the lousy shot coz i was walking.. i actually stop to snap some pics but i saw whom i think might be the manager approaching me... i got chickened out and walk away lol.. i mean look at it!! identical to OldTown correct me if im wrong.. come on.. its really degrading to steal other people concept and open up identical shop.. i mean white coffee is fine by all means.. ideas are open to everyone.. no such thing as copyrighted ideas.. but this is plain imitation...  UNLESS this shop is owned by the same dude who runs OldTown.. if so.. humble apologies :)

Right in between Komtar and Prangin Mall... and a bus home... end of day 2 :)