Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day 1 Penang

there she is!! my lovely girl.. my better half.. ehe.. emm.. this was when we reached the bus station at Hentian Duta.. we took Transnational(did i spell it right??).. bus ticket cost around rm35.. i think the price went up compared to last year? i guess so..

Yay!!! arrived already.. took around 3 hours? to reach Penang.. bus arrived at Sg.Nibong bus station.. and then we took Rapid Penang bus to her granma's.. haha as soon as i reach granma's i saw this cat getting ready to shit lol.. she(oh yes its a she) dint seem to bother much me taking shots of her.. gave me a pose lol..

So we rest for few hours.. unpacked our stuff.. chilling.. and kinda hungry.. since it was a suprise visit.. granma dint cook anything.. lol.. so we had to grab some food outside.. theres this food stalls nearby.. but since it was like 4 p.m.. there arent plenty of choices because most stalls are closed.. they only open at lunch time and at night.. so we had chicken rice( not so nice really)

That was all we did.. after lunch went back home.. chilling.. had dinner with the gramps and went bed.. end of day 1 :D