Sunday, October 11, 2009

Okay so here is Day 4 Penang.. its been fun so far :) i love Penang.. i especially love the food.. very similar to Singapore's.. aww how i miss mee hongkong.. damn.. i cant find it anywhere else but Singapore.. :( ok whateva.. lets go on with our Day 4 Penang!!


Woke up around 9am and head straight to Snake Temple.. this is the entrance :) i was exited to see them snakes.. or so i thought...


LOL.. i guess the dog also baked by the scent just like them snakes.. really.. dude looked damn stoned.. haha..

Now to be honest i was kinda disappointed.. i thought theres snakes everywhere!! but... couldnt find any... well i like the scenery very much.. since it was early in the morning.. everything looked really calm and cozy.. but not my gf lol.. She have snake phobia.. so the whole time she stayed outside terrified lol.. she dint even want to go to the temple but well.. i dragged her ofcourse..

Here's 1.. well basically they all looked the same.. yeah only 1 type of snake.. bummer..

I dont have zoom lens.. even this wide was borrowed from a good friend of mine Kinz.. checkout his blog yo! he maintains a nice photo blog :)


some random shots..

Comments??? critics??? no?? okay.. move on... went out and walked to nearest mamak.. i ordered roti canai.. roti canai finished... wtf... ordered fried mee..

see.. even the mee looks similar to singapore's mee mamak..

nice bus eh?

Right after brunch.. took a bus to town and swapped another bus to Penang Butterfly Farm yay!! boy take a look at teh bus! its loud, smelly, hot, all the discomfortness you could imagine lol.. and the f**ked up part was they charge more expensive then Rapid Penang.. i mean.. wtf.. wtf man.. shhhss.. no choice coz i dint want to wait any longer.. guess what.. even more f**ked up part.. the f**king bus drop us somewhat 2km outside of the farm.. what??? he said he cannot go inside.. what the hell?? why the f not?? we no point arguing... we had to hike for 2km!! me with my flip-flops and my huge bag... oh god... and it was scorching hot i kid you not!! super duper hot!! i was practically bath in sweat!! ergh.. sweaty and sticky.. eyes hurt so bad.. She was laughing at me the whole time.. coz i cant stop complaining!! i hate sweating!! coz i sweat really very easily.. turn the fan off for 5 minutes and im already sweating like hell.. damn

this is just to show how badly sweating affect me lol..

oh well.. finally arrived.. the farm located at the end of the world.. yep.. f**king far.. and whadaya know.. Rapid Penang passes right infront.. ................... ..... ....... lesson learned.. patience is virtue.. ok enough.. next im going to spam some awesome shots i took inside the farm.. oh yeah.. its alot nicer then KL's butterfly farm in so many ways.. and a lot more cheaper of course.. enjoy the view :)



how i wish i had a macro lens..

i like this shot very much..

 awesome looking flowers

flower model..seems out of focus..hmm..dang..

see.. very bright and very hot.. no air conditioner or fan whatsoever.. i was sweating the whole time..

ahah! can you find me????

this is by far the best shot taken..

i had a lot of fun there.. alot of tourist.. mostly Arabs and Japanese.. i even helped some of them took pictures of them and some butterfly too.. i gave some short lesson to them lol.. coz kinda sad that they had awesome cameras with awesome super macro and dint utilize them.. at all.. all they did was set the camera to auto and flash away.. in a freaking bright day light!! so yeah it was really fun helping out :) while still sweating..

okay thats all.. well obviously i have more shots.. but these are the ones i like :) we spent like 3? hours there and took a bus to Gurney Drive to have late lunch.. emm.. since the farm located at the end of the universe we had to exchange few buses.. a bus to the village and another bus to gurney.. luckily we got on super brand new bus.. so the seat was nice.. AIR CONDITIONER was nice.. all in it was awesome trip.. Penang Butterfly Farm is a must go destination in Penang.. do i sound like Tourism Malaysia? they should hire me though..

so i had rojak buah

and of course char kuey teow..

Remember She was looking for Legendary Apom?? LOL still closed.. poor lil darling lol.. theres always tomorrow.. btw.. the rojak buah rocks man!! awesome stuff!!! really no joke!! must try.. ask for extra keropok.. yummmm!! the kuey teow was awesome too!! and super cheap.. only cost rm3!! with egg!! OMG!! rojak cost around rm4 i think.. well both of them was awesome..

It was around 5pm by the time we finished eating.. so i decided to stroll along the beach(not really).. i enjoy walking with She.. i suppose all of you would enjoy strolling down the road with your loved ones? in the end we walked all the way to Komtar.. yup we did.. 4km walk.. quite tiring.. long road.. and i was wearing flip-flops.. zzz.. got back home around 8pm? and that was it for Day 4.. very fun day.. i enjoyed it so very much..