Saturday, November 7, 2009

You're free

Few days ago.. my housemate asked me whether she should get a bird.. parrot specifically.. i said dont.. they are noisy.. i gave dozens of reason why she should not get any kind of bird..

Truth is i believe bird are meant to be free.. not as a pet.. not inside a cage locked up eternity.. helplessly flapping their wings trying to get out.. few years back my friend bought a canary.. white colored canary.. it was cute.. small and all white.. but i noticed the wings was partially cut off.. so was the tail.. and it was so dirty.. i could not hold my tears back then.. i showed it to my friend and he couldn't care less.. he bought the lil fella just for fun.. and the cage was so small.. water bowl was empty.. whole cage was dirty.. apparently the wings and tail was cut off by the pet shop so they cant fly away..

So he had it few weeks before Hari Raya.. every Raya the whole family will be gone for a week of so to their hometown.. so i decide to lend him a hand to take care of the lil fella.. and so i did.. i bought a bigger cage.. a lot bigger and some toys and good healthy food.. i planned to keep it until maybe the wings and tail could grow back and ultimately let it go.. after Raya my friend had ask me back for the canary.. but i said it died cause of infection.. of course i was lying.. my friend said ok.. that was it.. ok..
what? do they even have feelings?

After few months with me.. the tail grew slightly longer.. so was the wings.. but Putih could not make it.. yeah i named it Putih.. which means white in Malay.. Putih died before i could ever release it.. i cried.. im sorry Putih... i tried my best.. i guess the injury didn't heal up as i expected.. but i know you're much happier in heaven now..

So back to present.. i woke up this morning and went downstairs to wash my cloths.. there it was.. in a super small cage.. a budgie.. i was so furious.. so pissed at her.. she already own 3 rabbits.. which could have died long ago if i didn't help feed and clean them up.. small cage with no water bowl.. imagine 1 whole day without water.. argh.. what an asshole.. so without thinking twice.. i open the cage grab the fella and let it go.. fly my friend.. fly.. f**k my housemate.. if she get another 1 i'll be sure to do the same thing..