Thursday, November 5, 2009

Am i that good?

Have you ever wonder?

What u were born to do? is there something that you are truly good at? i mean really good.. not like mediocre good.. not so so good.. have you?

Until now i cant quite figure what im actually built for.. im not good at sports.. i tried many thing.. venturing into many hobbies.. i like em.. but im not good at em.. say for example.. photography.. i love it.. downright to my hairy legs to my almost bald head i love photography..


Im not good at it.. sure i can shoot decent stuff.. most of my nice shots were merely a lucky shot.. bleh.. i dont own awesome gears.. cant blame the gears can we? its all about the talent inside.. gifted?

yes gifted.. how i envy some people.. how gifted they are.. i like arts too.. i love studying them.. looking at the artwork itself.. mesmerizing.. how i wish i could draw like them.. im not great.. heck not even close to good.. but i try.. and i suck.. i hate it.. so many creative inputs but i cant seem to lay them nicely on a piece of paper..

have u ever wonder?

even when you are playing games.. you like the game so much.. but you are not the best.. not even top100 best.. you try to practice.. but still.. cant even come close to them pros out there.. yes maybe they are gifted.. its like their hands are meant to kill people with 1 shot.. headshot.. luck? hack? why would god want to give such talent to someone? I GIVE YOU THE POWER OF HEADSHOT IN COD4!! BEHOLD!!

Until now im still searching the real deal.. what im truly good at.. there has to be something that i totally pawn! at.. im tired being average.. deep thoughts.. it shall be my pursuit for happyness.. 

I am of all people.. truly thankful to god for what i am.. this has nothing to do with god.. so please dont judge me for what i have said.. syukur alhamdulillah for all god have given me.. there is nothing wrong trying to pursuit my destiny.. wherever that may be..