Friday, October 16, 2009

Day 5 Penang

 hello people.. sorry it took me awhile to post this up.. ive been busy with something else.. anyways.. lets get this thing moving shall we?

So this is day 5.. going back the next day.. we went out quite early since gramps wanted to have breakfast together outside.. and they brought me to this Pasar Pagi.. i seriously cant remember the name of the place.. and they got sort of food stall right in front..

She drag me to this stall which sells this odd name kuih called Serabai.. lol.. funny eh.. i have no idea what its made of.. couldnt care less lol.. it comes with some sort of kaya mix whateva thingy which you have to dip with.. im not a big fan of kuih so i was like "okay..looks good..sure i'll give it a try".. it tasted awful.. lol.. now dont get me wrong.. not that its really awful.. i just dint like it at all.. the kuih was salty.. the dip was so sweet.. but She n gramps finished a dozen of em lol.. but not me.. it was agonizing trying to finish just 1.. haha.. which end up with huge headache.. i hate having headache right in the morning.. right fellas? spoils the mood right?

Then grandma ordered this for all of us.. OMG.. this mee hoon... OMG.. simply awesome.. awesome.. see got squid got huge prawns.. and them seafood was so fresh and very very soft.. oh god i enjoyed it so much.. so freaking tasty.. and best of all.. only cost rm1.50.. now how much more awesome can it possibly be..


So this is the stall.. Aunti Ekonomi Mee Hoon Goreng.. haha.. but aunti very old already.. cannot run the business.. the stall now managed by her kids.. see the dude there? thats the son.. and grandma told me the mee hoon still tasted the same like it was 15? years ago.. awesome.. you know how awesome it is to see how these people run family business? they pass their business to their kids and the kids took care of it just as good as their parents did.. working hard everyday to keep the stall running and all.. now compare with today's kids? want dslr want xbox want netbook want A|X.. they want all.. but do they bother how their parents work hard to give them what they want? well cant blame them too.. most parents nowadays love to spoil their kids..  

Right after breakfast we went to this park i dont remember the name.. oh god sorry.. but its quite huge.. sun was already high up.. i was already sweating like hell.. so im just gonna post some random shots k?



So.. whadaya think? as usual i do have couple of dozen shots taken but only very few of them that i like.. i carry a Canon 400d with me.. 2nd hand bought from Kinz.. and borrowed his lens lol.. so yeah.. im a poor guy.. i had to save 2 months salary and sold couple other stuff to get the camera.. i dont find photography as a passion but more like a hobby.. i only take picture if they are worth taking.. so no.. i dont go camwhoring.. and no i dont do events thingy.. i used to for few times.. but i wasnt really enjoying it so i stopped.. i dont want to force myself plus i not a pro.. i understand many pro photographer having issues with newbies doing freelancing aswell.. lets not talk about that k? well.. my fav lens would be 50mm.. i love how it gives such depth.. creates awesome bokeh and all.. 

Then we went to Penang National Park.. nothing nice there.. no joke.. really dull.. well it was quite since we went there on weekday.. but then again.. the place was really sad.. they cement the whole area.. added some artificial rock.. i mean.. why do that?? cant you keep it natural?? why must ruin the scenery?? sad.. i was kinda disappointed.. not to mention rubbish everywhere.. i think its human nature to destroy everything we set foot on..

See.. disappointed pose..


well thats all i took.. nothing nice.. moving on :)

The National Park was very near to the beach.. particularly to this fisherman village..



Then we went for lunch just around the corner..

God i was so hungry and thirsty.. i could not care less.. i just dig everything in lol..

see.. i finished 1st haha.. oh btw.. see the old dude there? thats grandpa.. im not being rude or whateva since i never showed his picture before.. just that he refuse to take any pictures.. so i dint want to force the old man.. see we had like 5 different dish.. 1 kari kepala ikan huhu.. guess how much? all in rm25 only.. awesome.. after that we went cruising around town.. She showed me her school and all..


We had to stop.. coz She saw something.. and she cant believe he eyes.. something she been wanting ever since we arrived..

THE LEGENDARY APOM!!! LOL!!!!111!! (err i wanted to take close up but i dont think the uncle comfortable with that)

Emmmmmmm... smell so good.. coz of the banana.. filled with diced banana and corn.. and kaya.. oh orgasm in me mouth.. sh*t now i feel like eating apom.. dammit!!.. ah and cost only 30cent each..

 Uncle was very very friendly.. he said he is too old already for this.. so normally he will open from 11am to 3pm only.. last time open till evening.. aww.. well you got some awesome tasty apom for sure!! until now i still cant believe how cheap the apom is.. i mean 30cent???!! he could sell it at rm1 here in KL haha.. it was so tasty i cant stop munching on it.. good thing we bought like 2 dozen of it lol.. yummmm..

So right after that we went back home.. i think everyone was tired.. i had planned to go Kek Lok Si Temple but i guess that will have to wait.. next trip maybe.. so reached home and rest till night.. then we went out for dinner at Giant.. lol... i wanted to taste the famous Penang cendol.. so i did.. tasted guuuuuuddd.. made by Chinese lol.. i must say it tasted better then the ones we have here in KL..

Awww.. next day going back KL already.. :((((